John Rossi

Board of Directors
Title: Director
Phone: 951-296-6900

On January 3, 2019, the Rancho Board of Directors appointed John V. Rossi as its newest member. Effective immediately, Mr. Rossi will fill the vacant seat left by Ben Drake who passed away in November. Mr. Rossi will fill the remaining term until the 2020 general election. In 2020, the position will be on the ballot for a two-year term and then back on the 2022 ballot for the normal four-year term.

Similarly, the Rancho Board of Directors appointed Mr. Rossi to serve as primary director on the Santa Rosa Regional Resources Authority Board of Directors.

Mr. Rossi has a 29-year career in the water industry, including serving as the General Manager of Western Municipal Water District for 13 years.  He was recently awarded the Excellence in Leadership award by the Association of California Water Agencies.

Mr. Rossi has resided in Temecula for 25 years, raising his family in the area.


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